Warehouse Management System

With standard warehouses under GSP (Good Storage Practice). Over 20,000 square meters of warehouse area contain both regular warehouse and temperature control warehouse for special product such as medicine and medical supplies, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals.

Warehouse operations and processes are managed and controlled by WMS (Warehouse Management System)

With standard tools and professional team including receiving, storing, picking and packing, addresses, checking product and warehouse management. We also concern on the security of warehouse which has CCTV over 133 points around warehouse with supervisors for 24 hours

Trusted Quality Warehouse



High abrasive strength capacity floor for heavy duty plus minimize crack and dust
Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Temperature control warehouse with control system
Flood Preventing

Flood Preventing

Flood prevention design and location
Prevent Termite, bird, insect

Prevent Termite,
bird, insect

Warehouse is designed to prevent termite birds and insects

International Standard warehouse